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  1. Fox is more conservative for sure, but they seem to ALWAYS have someone representing the "other" side". With that, you can at least form your own informed opinion. CNN center? Oh dear me. How can they possibly be in the center when they absolutely NEVER present both sides of an issue? I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. TG
  2. I agree. CNN and MSNBC are just so ridiculously biased that they have lost all credibility. They make no attempt whatsoever to present both sides. They are the epitome of biased far left press. At least Fox makes some attempt at providing both sides. TG
  3. Hola! Hay un monton de espanoles viviendo aqui, pero yo no conozco a alquien en los foros. Soy socio aqui: http://www.clubcampestreespanol.com/ Saludos TG
  4. I am sure you meant the CNN of Costa Rica. Biased, one sided, etc. TG
  5. Geez... I don't login for a day or so and I have to reply to more than just one person. Mark I have actually started a post (but not completed it) on the Real Costa Rica Blog discussing CAJA as lately I have been getting many queries from people moving here. Now alos from a fair number from people asking how socialized medicine works here as it appears your current administration in the USA is going to put it to you once again Preview answer? It works badly for all except for the very poor. For them it works OK. This is not much of a preview though as anyone with a brain knows socialized medicine does not work anywhere (England, Sweden, Canada, etc). I hope to have it finished this week. and as for: This seems out of line. I am guessing $100.00 per year for all, but I will make a few queries. I guess it also depends on how many uniforms. Most families I know (and that is NOT many) buy 2 for each kid and the shoes are those plastic jobbies. $50.00 to CAJA each month. this sounds CORRECT if and only if neither the father or mother are employed. If they are employed, their employer pays their CAJA and they pay a %-age (like social security). As for the cancer meds... that gets complex. If a child has cancer here, he would almost assuredly be treated at Children's Hospital though possible at a CAJA hospital. It IS conceivable that they might have to pay in addition to CAJA OR the may have to if the drugs given my CAJA do not work! I am presuming that you have seen the medical reports from the hospital and signed by the attending... But, as you say and I appreciate... it has given you a level of satisfaction and you do not appear to be feeling "taken" too badly or resentful.... You have met the family and kn ow they exist. It appears you can afford it... so what the hell . I am not too sure if and when arriving at San Pedro's gate any of us has too much in the plus column. I do not. TG
  6. This comment gives me pause. I have little use for socialized medicine and plan to Blog about the realities of it soon in my blog... but for now, I cannot imagine why they would need anything in the way of funds regarding medical care ot drugs. I have this sad feeling you are being taken as ALL those costs would be covered by CAJA. Second, schools sell nothing, Parents must buy the uniforms. Books are not real. Books are photocopied (for the most part) and students use those. I guess this helps teach respect for copyright law TG
  7. Well enjoy it while you can. I am afraid the speed increase MAY be due to temporary removal of the display ads that normally appear above each forum. I am working on getting them functioning again before I make any color changes. Once I do, you may be back to a lower speed as some of those ads are too big. TG
  8. And for you geeky types or geek wannabees, there is a little orange dealy next to "View New Content". The is an RSS feed, meaning you can have the new posts delivered to any news reader (Google, Yahoo, etc. You will still need to login though to read the whole thing. TG
  9. Well THAT was fun! Looks kinda cool too! TicoGranIdiota (me) forgot to put the board in Maintenance mode before the upgrade... Duh! Therefore, instead of getting the "We are upgrading..." or some such, you got goofy errors. Sooooorrreeee!! Then the calendar stopped working.... It's OK now but I needed heart medication for a while there. The View New Posts thingy is GONE.. replaced upper right by "View New Content". Likely there are other things changed so by all means post here your comments, changes you have found, etc. Enjoy! TG
  10. Major software upgrade today... With luck I will not screw it up... but if I do, I can fix what I break. Be patient... all things come to those who wait When done, notify me of any goofy goings on. TG
  11. Why thanks! I like that even a year later TG
  12. Well to give another perspective, I do not think the bubble will ever break. Why? There seems to be a never ending stream of Gringos (now more than ever because of the current administration in the USA) that want to live near other Gringos (why???). They think Gringo Gulch (Escazu/Santa Ana) is safe when actually it has a huge bulls eye painted on it as the bad guys do not have to guess where is the $$. Not sure about the guards remark, but security is not good. As David said EVERYTHING is overpriced there. You even have to overpay on the toll road to get anywhere else Yet, they come... like locusts.... Naw... The bubble is safe TG
  13. If still interested, call Damon at 8357-3667 or 8330-3045 TG
  14. Hi Shea We have talked about this. You are listening the the attorney who collects your rent and works for the landlord??? Might there be a conflict of interest here? As I told you before, they can NOT raise your rent 15% if your contract is in dollars, and you need to confer with YOUR attorney, not your landlord's. TG
  15. We have some pretty interesting figures here. Mapache says 800 per sq meter Ticoville sayt 700+ and I am presuming both persons did not include land in the price. OK... 1 square meter = 10.7639104 square feet $800 per square meter = $74.00 per square foot $700 per square meter = $65.00 per square foot If you are gullible enough to pay those prices, you deserve what you get (unless you are building with Italian marble, gold fixtures, extras galore!). It is absolutely not necessary to pay those prices and before you do, again presuming you are not building a mansion, do your homework. I provided a web site above to use as a reality check. Of course you will pay through the nose if you build at the beaches, pay more for materials, delivery etc. Also San Jose (not the entire central valley) will be more costly. However, I receive dozens of emails and the VAST majority are from normal (not rich) people without deep pockets having maybe $200,000 or much less with which to buy land and build and not all are interested in an ocean view! They would be happy in any of the dozens of small towns in and around San Jose. They CAN build very nice homes, and this is possible without building crap. It is generally NOT possible if you use companies geared for dealing with North Americans. TG
  16. $25 is a bit low for sure, but $30 is do-able with the basics and $35 gets you a very decent place. For $40.00 you will even have a lot of goodies including US fixtures (American Standard, etc) Those who say they need to go higher (unless you really want a LOT of fancy extras, pools whatever) are just trolling for rich Gringos. Doubt me? Call my source: Tom at http://costaricahomebuilder.com/ TG
  17. Here are some links that may interest those looking for news. http://www.therealcostarica.com/radio_TV_m...costa_rica.html and http://www.therealcostarica.com/radio_TV_m...a_rica_news.php The second is live news feeds from CR TG
  18. Today I made numerous upgrades to the Forums. It seems to be running ok... but the thing is so huge and complex that errors or problems can occur and I just do not see them. It is imposible to test everything! So if anyone finds a problem/bug, please email me at webmaster@arcr.net or PM me (if it is working! and I'll get busy a fixin' it. TG
  19. If you search these forums, you will find that this question has been answered many time. TG
  20. I think I have a nice site too, but I cannot ever recall writing about a fresh water license! Send me my URL so I can verify correctness! That thing is like 500 pages and I cannot remember what I wrote as I get older. TG
  21. Send a PM to crhomebuilder or costaricahomebilder and he can assist. TG
  22. To Don Johnson I see no where in this thread that anyone said that. If they had, I would have corrected them. Anyone can own and manage a business here, even a tourist. The key words are "own" and "manage". They can NOT under any circumstances work in that business in ANY capacity other than manager/owner. They may NOT sell real estate legally as that sales job can be done by a Costa Rican (or by a foreigner if that foreigner has Permanent Residency or has received citizenship. The owner/manager is limited only to supervision and managment duties. You for instance apparently are connected with two real estate companies. You can be owner of both, but you can NOT legally work as an employee of those companies unless you have your Permanent Residency or Citizenship. In other words you cannot sell or act as an agent if you are not properly documented. My point and warning to all readers of this forum is to NOT do business with any person who cannot prove they have Permanent Residency or citizenship. If they do, they are in essence doing nothing more than dealing with a tourist. NOT a good thing. When dealing with anyone who says they are selling property here, ask to see the ID's mentioned in my post above. No ID, no business! Like Countdown states, the rest of your post is accurate. TG
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