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  1. You are welcome. Odd problem and hard to fix because as Admin, i could not duplicate it. Had to create a new user to get an error. Anyway, all fixed now! Sorry for any inconvenience!. TG
  2. I think that I have resolved the issue. Please advise if anyone continues to have probs. TG
  3. hello

    Testing because Paul sez I can't post because of problems. Seems fine to me.
  4. This is an urgent and critical message to all of our members. Over the weekend, a massive cyber attack took place worldwide affecting 200 countries and several hundred thousand people. The initial attack, known as “WannaCry,” paralyzed computers that run Britain’s hospital network, Germany’s national railway and thousands of other companies and government agencies worldwide in what is believed to be the biggest online extortion scheme ever recorded. If you or your company use Microsoft Windows products, it is imperative that you upgrade your systems and apply patches released by Microsoft over the past 2 months. This "ransomware" can infect your computer or your business network. It locks all data on the computer and demands between $300 to $600 ransom to be paid via Bitcoin. When the workweek starts, you can be infected by opening an infected email or browsing an unknown web site. We urge all of our users to address this matter immediately. This ransomware affects only Windows products. Especially vulnerable are older version of Windows, ie XP If you do not know how to upgrade or install the patches, I suggest getting technical assistance. Anti-virus programs may or may not be of assistance.
  5. This is a bit hard for me to get my head around, but I opened these forums with the ARCR 14 years ago this month. May, 2003. Happy birthday to everyone@
  6. I had to upgrade the ARCR forums today. LOTS of changes! I had no choice because the publisher no longer was supporting the old version. As of this minute there are a ton of tasks running in the backgroud. Those tasks are triggered by forum activity (people logged in and browsing the site), and until they finish, some of the layout may not be correct, such as quotes, signatures, lists, images, etc. Be patient! You can express how much you like or hate the new format, but really, there was and is no option B. TG
  7. It has been brought to my attention that new users may receive an error when attempting to register. I am working on this. TG

    ronofbostonRon and Paula, As promised, I contacted ARCR on your behalf. By now, or at least hopefully by today, you should have been contacted regarding your residency and this should all be resolved shortly. If you have NOT been contacted, at least by Monday because of the ARCR move, email me at webmaster [at} arcr.net and I will follow up again. TG Because this matter is resolved and more because this post has gone off-topic on several levels, I am closing this thread.

    I have heard this before, and it is 100% correct if the country where you seek citizenship has a standing military. CR does not. I know several ex-military who have citizenship here, but ALL received it because they married Ticos! Now... If Newman were to seek citizenship here via time he has lived in CR, there are serious issues that could hurt him! Finally... Citizenship is not for everyone and frankly, now that I have it, is less than I expected. The one good thing is not having to renew my PM ever again!

    To BOB205 There are folks on this forums you must just ignore... or at least ignore 80% of their posting. Newman is on the list. I have been admin on this list since I started it and forever, we have people who just go on and on ad nauseum about how bad it is here... but THEY ALMOST NEVER LEAVE!!!! "NO country is without problems." is 100% correct. I have been here over 16 years and while there are annoyances, it beats any other country I have visited... and there have been many. TO NEWMAN.... If it is true you are sending nasty PMs to other members, better STOP or you will be EX. Newman. I allowed your stupid post above regarding CR... but let me clarify for all: Costa Rica is running off anyone wanting to retire here, live here, --- Just DUMB invest here, safely travel the highways and byways here (the infrastructure is crumbling, bridges are ready to collapse, (in spite of the fact that the someone in government has waved his magic wand and -- EVEN DUMBER pronounced that in no way are any of the bridges going to collapse in Costa Rica) Finally you got it right. Bridges suck. CR has no money, so it is management by crisis. Encuentra were 12065 ads for used vehicles, this morning there are 12162 adds - forget about Costa Rica - go somewhere thagt you are wanted, where arms are opened wide and they appreciate your presence in their country!! --- HUH??? Who cares??? Let Costa Rica die the death that it so richly deserves!! --- Better leave quick then to avoid being dragged down. Is there ANYONE who does not know that CR is broke? Our leaders, or the ones not in jail or under indictment, do not get it. Socialism only works when the folks with $$$ care to share... and the rich here do not share, but just like Greece, the country WILL survive. Probably... Newman will too. Finally to Gayle! I told Ron/Paula, that I was getting involved and I am. As i have recommended MANY times, use the attorneys at ARCR. Why? Are they better? Cheaper? More expensive? NO. But if they screw up, management WILL FIRE THEM and then move all your paperwork to another attorney at no charge to YOU. They will also do this if there is a personality conflict or for any other good reason. If you use an non ARCR attorney... well you are on your own. Pester the attorney only so far, then get in touch with ARCR management. Two + years sound like a long time... clearly you need help. You should be getting it shortly. TG
  11. Beach... yup, plenty. They all work for US based call centers.
  12. I stopped using WU a few months ago.. They make it near impossible to use their services for ongoing (incoming) transactions. However, Maybe for just one outbound transfer they will be OK. I doubt you will have an issue. India is no third world country so again should be no issue. TG