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      Posts to this Support Forum are to be related ONLY to one's ARCR membership. Posts inappropriate to the Support Forum will be removed without comment. Please post all other types of questions to the appropriate Forum. Only Forums Moderators, Administrators and ARCR Employees ae able to make any replies to this ARCR Support Forum. Paul M. Forums Moderator ==

The Association of Costa Rica Residents (ARCR) - Retirement, Life, Work and Travel in Costa Rica



  1. Living or Retiring in Costa Rica

    This forum is for general discussion, questions, news and comments pertaining to living or retiring in Costa Rica. Please limit posts to this forum to those topics. Posts here may include discussion or questions on health care, working in Costa Rica, housing, cost of living, environment, social commentary, or any other topic that pertains to life in Costa Rica.

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  2. Residency and Citizenship In Costa Rica - Laws and Current Policy

    Use this Forum to post your questions, comments, and suggestions regarding obtaining legal residency or citizenship in Costa Rica.

    Note: Responses or Postings regarding Residency in Costa Rica and made by Members who are NOT employees of ARCR may or may not be accurate. If in doubt, check with ARCR or with an attorney who specializes in residency.

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  3. Moving to Costa Rica

    Have questions about moving to Costa Rica? This is your Forum! Post here any questions, comments or suggestions about how to find a mover, what to bring, customs valuation and processes, replacement pricing for items in CR, insurance, or any other subject pertaining to "the big move!"

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  4. Travel in Costa Rica

    This forum is for discussion, questions, comments, or news regarding travel within Costa Rica and for travel from Costa Rica to other Latin Amercian countries. These may include questions about travel,travel information, soliciting recommendations, recent travel warnings, general inquiries about visiting Costa Rica and so on.

    NOTE: Travel agents MAY post to this group freely, but advertising, solicitation for travel or travel packages, travel announcements, or anything remotely resembling promotion of an agency will result in immediate suspension of posting rights.

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  5. Real Estate in Costa Rica

    Use this Forum to learn more about buying real estate here in Costa Rica. Post your questions, comments, and experiences about buying a home or property. This FOrums also covers renting homes, apartments or condominiums.

  6. Communications, Technology and The Internet in Costa Rica

    We are adding this new Forum because of the amazing number of questions we get pertaining to Costa Rica's technical infrastructure... including inquiries about cell phones, Internet access, telephone service, computers, email, software availability, and so on.

    Use this Forum to Post your questions, Replies or general comments on these, or other related, topics.

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  7. ARCR Support Forum

    Use this Forum to communicate with ARCR directly. Ask questions here about joining, benefits, or other questions related to our services.

    Note: If your questions have to do with residency requirements, the process for applying, or about renewing, please use the Residency in Costa Rica Forum. Specific questions about your personal residency application should be directed by email to ARCR to maintain your confidentiality.

    NOTE: Only ARCR staff and Moderators will be permitted to reply to questions in this Forum.?

  8. The Costa Rica Business Forum - Doing Business in Costa Rica

    This forum is for questions, discussions, news, and comments pertaining to doing business in Costa Rica. This may include: business environment, law, resources, political & social environment and its affect on business, taxation, labor, or any other topic related to Business.

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  9. Open Forum - Topics NOT specifially related to Life in Costa Rica

    This is the Forum to post subjects of general interest to other Members, especially subjects pertaining to family, politics, chit-chat, humor, or any other subject NOT covered in the Life in Costa Rica Forums. In other words, this is the "Catch-All" Forum!

    Please make sure your posts here will NOT be useful to visitors or Members interested in living or visiting Costa Rica. If they would be of interest, please post to the applicable Forum.

    Because discussions in this Forum may become "spirited", we caution Members NOT to be abusive, rude, use profanity, or call other Members names. Abuse of this policy will result in immediate suspension from the Forums. Have fun here!

  10. El Foro en Español

    ¡Bienvenido al Foro español!

    Este Foro es por los miembros que quieren o necesitan utilizar el español. Por favor no escribir en inglés. Respuestas deben ser sólo en español y nosotros urgimos preguntas o comentarios en temas como residencia legal, vida en Costa rica, que trabaja en Costa Rica o viaja a Costa Rica.