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  2. Realtor suggestions

    The farm is in Barva, Heredia. (i had posted the info about it here previously.) I’m hoping to find an established realty company that’s been around for awhile, not one of the individual, local folks. We have been dealing with multiple smaller agents for another property purchase and suffice to say that they are so casual that they border on unprofessional. For selling I’m not opposed to trying a bigger group. I just would appreciate some recommendations for the GAM area. Thanks in advance, everyone.
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  4. Realtor suggestions

    David, Just FYI: Look in the "Items for Sale or Rent" forum. PM ==
  5. Realtor suggestions

    Since real estate agents work locally, not nationally, it would be helpful to know where your farm is located.
  6. I'd like to know this as well. I always seem to come across that site when looking for things like this.
  7. I’m posting my farm for sale on FB and Craig’s List by myself, but I would like your recommendations for a realtor who can offer my farm for sale and get it good exposure. Suggestions are very welcome! Thank you in advance.
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  9. Do you seek open space and easy metropolitan access? We have a 2.6 acre (10,621 meters squared) farm for sale in San Pedro de Barva, Heredia. Located in the temperate mountains of the Central Valley at 3921 feet altitude which is ideal for gardening, with comfortable days, and cool evenings. The property has 58 meters of road frontage at the front, located on a paved road with the bus stop only 50 meters away. Property is gently rolling with flat areas, and it’s completely fenced already. We bought it for horse property. 98% of the boundaries are block tapias. The large front gate accommodates very tall construction vehicles and there is a side door for people. All utilities and internet are already installed on site. The water here is amazing from the tap; it’s the best tasting water ever!! The yard around the 2-2-2 house has been sodded in St Augustin grass. House was completely gutted (including roof) and remodeled less than 2 years ago. House has both 120 y 220 electric, screened sliding windows, decorative verjas... for the poultry there is a small hen house and a duck swimming pond. For the humans there are paved sidewalks, a paved picnic area with seating under a huge tree, and a wood-fired BBQ grill. This farm has too many trees to list individually as there are all types of citrus (oranges, mandarines, limes), and bananas, plantains, guineos. Mangoes, mangas, different types of avocados, mulberries, zapotes, sugar cane, cashew, níspero, manzana de agua, manzana rosa, guayabita del Perú, chicasquil, caimitos, chayote, yuca, ñampí, chicasquil. Herbs and medicinals include lemon grass, citronella, saragundí..... If you’d like more information, please PM me. $449,000
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  11. Not sure if you are still monitoring this thread, but your budget is IMO way low for Jaco. I do not live in CR but hope to move there and have been to Jaco 3 times for vacation and searching for information on renting/buying It is a very expensive place to rent (due to the demand) and also I think if your rental is built in typical CR fashion and your use of AC is typical of a non native you will also be looking at a 500 dollar plus electric bill. I have talked to several people who live in Jaco in two bedroom apartments that paid around $1000 rent and $500 a month for electric (when they first moved in they soon decided they could not afford AC and fans would suffice).
  12. To fully utilize these forums, you must first register. Almost every week we decline applications mostly because the person failed to read the small print, but here are some other important things to know: We do NOT permit the use of ANY proxy servers, VPNs etc. when registering nor do we permit ANY inaccuracies. NONE. VPNs are fine after you are registered. If it asks for your location you must enter that location where you are at that instant. example: If you are in the USA, do not enter Costa Rica. If you qare in Chicago, do not enter a city in Indiana. Yahoo and Hotmail are pretty awful email services with lots of blocking issues. If you did not receive the confirmation email, use a quality email service. GMAIL seldom causes issues. All fields must completed accurately and completely. If required, the phone number that you provide must be a working number that you answer. Not answering that phone number causes you to be deleted. We suggest that you do not register from a cell phone or tablet or from the workplace if they use a VPN or proxy server. Most companies use VPNs so careful registering from work. ANY inaccuracies will be cause for denial and you will have to re-register. TG
  13. 2.9 Liter Turbo Diesel CRDI with 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive low range automatic transmission Five passenger seating Exterior: Silver over Grey (excellent); Interior: Light Grey Leather (very good) Air conditioning AM/FM Bluetooth stereo radio with CD player MultiLock transmission lock Fog lights 148,000 kilometers (92,000 miles) Regularly maintained in accordance with the owner’s manual (service history available) Good Pirelli Scorpion ATR tires, good brakes, good suspension, good belts and hoses, etc Riteve until June 2018; marchamo paid until January 2018 A few replacement parts are included (filters, alternator, etc) English-language owner’s manual Legally mandated emergency kit Compare at CRAutos.com — http://crautos.com/rautosusados/cardetail.cfm?c=2502047&Hyundai.TERRACAN%20CRDI.2006 Price: c5,500,000 ($9,800) or reasonable offer Email: daveandmarcia@gmail.com Phone: 8896-2337
  14. Hi Laura, Long time, no see! Welcome back to the Forums.... So... I did a quick Google search and found this online article about ServiEntrega in La Nación from around 2013: Servientrega anuncia su llegada a Costa Rica [ https://www.nacion.com/economia/servientrega-anuncia-su-llegada-a-costa-rica/E5EIEBXNHBGV7KZFITZJGQVS24/story/ ] . . . but no confirmation of where exactly in CR or when ServiEntrega might have been going to open up shop. Also at the same time noticed this: Las franquicias Servientrega y Redservi ingresarán en Costa Rica [ http://www.100franquicias.cr/Noticias/2016-06-21-Las-franquicias-Servientrega-y-Redservi-ingresaran-en-Costa-Rica.htm ] I didn't search further, but per these two articles ServiEntrega is likely operating somewhere in CR. A bit more Googling may turn up where they are located. Or.... Perhaps one of our other Forums Members may know whether ServiEntrega is currently operating in CR. OK — HTH Paul M. ==
  15. Is there at least one Servientrega in Costa Rica? If so, where in Costa Rica are they located? I couldn't find Costa Rica on their website. Servientrega
  16. Hello, everybody!  I live in Paute, Azuay, Ecuador! 

  17. ARCR registration number

    Hello Tazy –and welcome to the Forums. Terry is correct about the ARCR Membership Number: When/If you join ARCR as a paid member they will issue you one. But it is not necessary to be an ARCR Member or have an ARCR number to be a Forums member. To clarify, we are called the ARCR Forums, yes, but we are a separate entity from ARCR. ARCR does however support the Forums. OK — HTH Paul M. ==
  18. ARCR registration number

    You will get a membership number if you sign up and join ARCR it is not necessary to be a member of the forum itself.
  19. I am a new member to the ARCR. In my profile setting-up I am asked for a registration number. Does anyone know how I get that registration number?
  20. http://www.city-data.com/forum/politics-other-controversies/2865959-costa-rica-health-care.html
  21. I live in Jaco. Do as others suggest, look for a place when you get here. Stay somewhere temporarily, like a cheap motel. Then go and see those places available longer term. It's impossible to judge from the internet, otherwise you may be disappointed, I've seen this reaction many times from others. But good you do have some understanding from the internet. As far as electricity goes, it is true what others say here. I don't use AC, most of the year, just a fan, but I'm probably the exception for a gringo. March thru May can be brutally hot and humid as we pray for the rainy season to kick in.
  22. Congrats. La Migra in the States can be a real pain. I have never known anyone who has had a good experience, even when the outcome was good. Your patience has been rewarded. So now you all are a TicoGringo and a GringaTica.
  23. Wow! Let me add my Congrats to him as well. That's really Great to hear . . . Cheers! Paul M. ==
  24. I'm excited to announce that my esposo just passed his US citizenship test & interview! Huzzah!!! In about two weeks we'll have his oath and then we apply for his passport and then he's a GRINGO! While this was a hugely frustrating and expensive process, my CR residency is still pending... With his new gringo passport we have the ability to move out of the USA without ever having to reapply for visas again! Costa Rica as a more permanent location may or may not be in our future. My esposo gets horribly homesick, but he knows financially it makes more sense for us to stay up here. We'll see where life takes us. But for now, the world is our oyster! (And since he's dual, he can still go to Brazil visa free!)
  25. Thanks for clearing that up. I'm still looking and waiting on an email with more info on a house with 3 bedrooms for $900. They're have been some other options but Jaco centro is an expensive place.
  26. Glad it has been a positive experience!
  27. So, after some research, it is pretty common that the seller pays the tax on commission. We negotiated that out and will pay 7%. There is always great debate on this forum of renting vs buying. We just accepted the SPA (Sales Purchase Agreement) rom the buyer and have sold (or the buyer will forfeit the deposit) our property for 106% of what we purchased it for 7 years and 5 months ago. Great investment, a special property and now onto the next one!
  28. Currently most of the electric companies in Costa Rica have three tiers of pricing. One up to 50kwhrs, another from 50-250kwhrs, and another above 250kwhrs. The more you use, the higher the rate. There is some variation on this scheme, and some areas have smart meters that allow for different prices at different times of the day. In many parts of the country heat and AC are unnecessary. In my smallish house, we have no AC, no heat, and no hot water other than electric showers. We have a newish, efficient fridge and washer, and we have and use an electric dryer. We use about 180kwhrs a month and pay about 13 mil or so. If you use AC, which you probably will at the beach, you will go way over 250kwhrs and will have a large electric bill. Above 250kwhrs, the rate is around 170 colones per kwhr, or nearly ¢30. This is certainly more than double what you pay in the States. This is why electric bills at the beach are high.
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