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  3. Report any issues to me webmaster@arcr.net
  4. Today I will be doing a large and perhaps complex upgrade. The forums will be offline until completion. If problems, this may be for some time. TG
  5. Mr. Koch, we would appreciate any advice that you might be able to provide on stucco repairs. We have one 15 year old home that we just had painted, but I am not 100% confident that it was done properly because it was not done by a tradesman specialized in stucco. Our other home is a very old home where the stucco has peeled in large patches. Before we begin that project I would like to get the advice of a professional. Any help that you can provide would be much appreciated.
  6. Contact the Canadian Club. I think I've seen an ad recently in their newsletter for an accountant. You should be able to get the CC's contact info from ARCR. OK — HTH Paul M. ==
  7. Seeking professional help with filing tax returns to Revenue Canada that need to go back many years. Pls email me at CostaRicaBound@hotmail.com Thank you.
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