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  3. They have boxes available. What they don't have is the keys! When we got ours 3 years ago, they told me to come back in 2 weeks for the key. At the time we were only here on vacation, so I objected. Funny how a key miraculously appeared then and there. But you don't really need a box to get mail. You can have your mail addressed to you in care of the correos in Cobano. It's just that when you do it that way, you won't know when a package has arrived for you. Even if your phone number is listed on the package, they don't always call you. We have friends who do it this way, but they only have stuff sent that is trackable so they can track when it has arrived at the post office. But since you have a friend with a box, yes, you can use her box number.
  4. Wouldn't if be just as simple Dean, to have the letter sent special delivery (if available) c/o General Delivery to your nearby post office? Then you can just go in in a few days and ask for it by showing your passport. All that said, since you say that already you have a 'workaround' in the form of a friend's 'loaner' p.o.box, you should be In Like Flint! ¡Buena Suerte! Paul M. ==
  5. Did you think that showing them your passport and cedula would make a difference? If they don't have any boxes.... they don't have any boxes. It's really up to the "central" Correos management to decide when to put in new boxes and not up to the local workers. They can say "We have had this many people applying for boxes and we now have a waiting list of this many people." but they don't make the decision. I wouldn't expect them to call you when box becomes available. It's just not how institutions like this operate. Perhaps they are wrongly rewarding the people who live in Cobano since it's easier for them to check in. But that's the way they have decided to handle it and that's the way it is. For your home address: I am sure you can refine your address to something that makes sense to both the Correo and whoever is sending you a letter. It may take a few tries. Perhaps the real question is: Do you actually have home delivery in Montezuma? On a side note -- can you just get your letter as an email and then print it out? Because the payment for apartados are due in January, I would pay close attention to this time frame. You can check the Correos de Costa Rica website about payment terms and at what date a box will become available due to non-payment. In the meantime, if you have a friend whose apartado you can use -- that's a good solution until you get it all worked out.
  6. I have been to the Post Office/Correos in Cobano on many occasions and I was wrong, it is not at the bus stop; it's the next block over. You cannot simply walk in to the Post Office and expect to get a box. They don't have any available. I was told that I had to check in with them every month to see if there is a box. They don't seem to be interested in adding new boxes. Someone has to relinquish their box in order to make one available. Even though I have provided them my cedula and passport that appears to be for not. They are not going to contact me when a box becomes available. Luckily, we have a friend with a box there so if we do have the need we can have mail delivered to her.
  7. This is an urgent and critical message to all of our members. Over the weekend, a massive cyber attack took place worldwide affecting 200 countries and several hundred thousand people. The initial attack, known as “WannaCry,” paralyzed computers that run Britain’s hospital network, Germany’s national railway and thousands of other companies and government agencies worldwide in what is believed to be the biggest online extortion scheme ever recorded. If you or your company use Microsoft Windows products, it is imperative that you upgrade your systems and apply patches released by Microsoft over the past 2 months. This "ransomware" can infect your computer or your business network. It locks all data on the computer and demands between $300 to $600 ransom to be paid via Bitcoin. When the workweek starts, you can be infected by opening an infected email or browsing an unknown web site. We urge all of our users to address this matter immediately. This ransomware affects only Windows products. Especially vulnerable are older version of Windows, ie XP If you do not know how to upgrade or install the patches, I suggest getting technical assistance. Anti-virus programs may or may not be of assistance.
  8. This is a bit hard for me to get my head around, but I opened these forums with the ARCR 14 years ago this month. May, 2003. Happy birthday to everyone@
  9. yes. my lawyer said that in the last month. Costa Rica has been dissolving alot of old corporations mine is dissolved and paid up dennis
  10. I had to upgrade the ARCR forums today. LOTS of changes! I had no choice because the publisher no longer was supporting the old version. As of this minute there are a ton of tasks running in the backgroud. Those tasks are triggered by forum activity (people logged in and browsing the site), and until they finish, some of the layout may not be correct, such as quotes, signatures, lists, images, etc. Be patient! You can express how much you like or hate the new format, but really, there was and is no option B. TG
  11. I think I found a translation, when I did it word by word it says: business name: Dreamscape anonymous company no periods pending this estate dissolved by law 9024, up to date i guess that means I am paid up and they already dissolved my corporation and I dont have to pay to have it dissolved myself? thanks again
  12. well this is interesting... now after I paid the last of my back taxes, I can see a normal page in the national registry site on my account but it says the following, which makes no sense in google translate.. if you k ow, please let me know, it looks like I have no periods pending to pay, and the corporation was dissolved? thanks Dennis here it is: ----------------- RAZON SOCIAL SUEÑOS DE ESCAPE SOCIEDAD ANONIMA PERIODOS PENDIENTES 0 ESTADO DISUELTA POR LEY 9024 A ESTE MOMENTO LA ENTIDAD SE ENCUENTRA AL DIA
  13. yes but still have some hurdles in wiring cash here from Canada, choosing the right bank, etc. it will work out in the end
  14. Using ARCR, the will make the passport copies when you apply. They did for me.
  15. Yay for good news, Dennis! So great you are finally caught up and don't have to look over your shoulder for the corporation tax police. haha One more hurdle crossed and out of the way.
  16. Solved. maybe Just got back from BCR they said that the national registry site is undergoing upgrades and maybe that is why i got that message. BCR was able to see my account properly on their screen and i paid my last year of back taxes. now i know that the co rporation tax police are not looking for me. lol
  17. AWWWK! re: corporations: as I mentioned before, I had a 20 year old corporation in costa rica it had no books, no assets and no associated business I did not know there were new taxes, as of a new law in 2012 or so when I went on line to the national registry, I could login and click on Impuerto Juridicas , (sorry about spelling) and it would tell me all the years of taxes and what I owed. 4 years, from 2012-2015 inclusive. In the last 8 months, I have paid 3 of those years, almost 900.00 I only had 2015 left to pay But...when I logged in today, it no longer shows any information for me it told me this: ________________ Delinquency Public Inquiry Info.. Law No. 9024 Tax on Legal Entities The class of legal person indicated is not subject to collection. Important Notice: The Bank of Costa Rica was authorized to pay delinquent periods individually, in order of seniority. --------------------------- does anyone know what this may mean? I emailed my lawyer, but he does not always respond to email questions I am going to BCR today and ask if they know, thanks Dennis
  18. My favorate; a few nights at the Hotel Punta Leona and that fantastic "Playa Blanca". The wife and I stayed there last month and it is on our agenda again the last part of next month. Also, easy-peasy go get there as we took a Jaco public bus from San Jose which stops right in from of the Hotel Punta Leona entrance(about 1 1/2 hour ride) and the guard will call the main reception desk to send a micro-bus for those customers waiting in their air-conditioned "sala". Great chow and the room facilities are first-rate.
  19. Of course, Monteverde is the "one of these things is not like the other." But it's a beautiful place to visit. And will give you an idea of what it's like in the higher elevations. Guanacaste is a province and all the others you list are towns. (Except that Puntarenas is the name of both a Province and a town. sigh...) Mostly, there is no convenient road that parallels the ocean and runs down the whole coast. There are areas where this is possible and areas where it is not. You may find yourself driving back to Rt 21, for instance, to get further south. Playa Hermosa is a pretty little town, about 30 minutes from Liberia airport. It's "big brother" Playas del Coco, is larger with more in the way of shopping. Tamarindo is probably the most Americanized town in Costa Rica and my least favorite. It used to be just a little surfer town but now it is chocked full of hotels, condos and more than 75 restaurants. Obviously, some people do like it, of course. Montezuma, on the other hand, is one of my favorites. Nice beach, not far from beautiful Cabuya and the lovely and wild Cabo Blanco Park. It's kind of "down the hill" and houses and B&B's dot the hillside overlooking the beach. To get to Montezuma, you will need to take Rt 21 "over the mountains" to Paquera and then west on that highway or take the ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera. Samara is another town I like a lot. Big enough to have just about everything you need but still has some authenticity. Great beach and the beach at nearby Playa Carrillo is one of the prettiest around. Puntarenas (Punta Arenas is in Chile, haha) is not worth spending much time. It is a commercial center at the end of a narrow peninsula that is mostly totally built out. Jaco also not one of my favorites but once again, some people like it. It is the second most popular location for sex tourism so there's that. But, as people who like it have pointed out, you can avoid that. Some people who live in the area use Jaco for shopping or conducting business. This is a very informative webpage. It is mainly aimed at tourists, but has a lot of good and valid information about various beach towns: https://www.anywhere.com/costa-rica/destinations/habitat/beach
  20. I know it's not much info so far, but we did finally decide on something. We're planning on landing in Liberia and visiting the west coast working are way south. Like I said it's nothing, but it's a starting point to start building a trip. So places of interest... - Guanacaste - Monteverde - Playa Hermosa - Tamarindo - Montezuma - Samara - Punta Arenas - Jaco I'm just throwing some names out.
  21. FWIW, I don't think I ever brought up that PT in Costa Rica was something I would pursue. If I HAD to PT, there are other countries I would prefer to do that in. (probably less than 90 days from the move )
  22. I'm with SEATURTLWOMAN. I have briefed the site from time to time, but never engaged with the forum....ARCR is the best!
  23. While I don't like the new format, I rarely comment on there anymore because I find the discussions to be not very interesting. There are also too many political rantings, in my humble opinion.
  24. For my part, there certainly were philosophical differences with the content. The forum generally became a magnet for conspiracy theories some of which had their origins with Scott and others from forum participants. The forum lost it's Costa Rica orientation in favor of nonsensical rants about things that had neither happened nor would ever happen. Scott might have reined all that in, but then that would have been out of character for him. Too, I was put off by Scott's frequent and baseless attacks on Israel. Certainly, Israel has not always behaved admirably, but Scott went out of his way to slip one into any conversation he could. And then there were his largely baseless attacks on government in all its forms. To read his stuff, one would believe that it is the fault of government that we have national defense, public health, infrastructure, scientific research, and myriad other features of modern life that no other entity could have created. Instead of continuing in its original vein of a congenial place to discuss things Costa Rican, Scott and his ilk transformed the forum into an experiment in mindless ugliness. It was too much for me.
  25. Over recent months I have noticed a substantial decrease in posting to Scott Oliver's 11 year old forum - and even more obvious since he sold it. Actually, I see only 3 posting in 2 weeks, whereas when I first joined it there were dozens per day. I know there are several ARCR posters who were on, then left, Scott's forum. I'm wondering if there were philosophical disagreements with the content, or just natural evolution [the new format is "difficult"] leading to extinction.
  26. As the president of the corporation I think I have power of attorney to dissolve it and transfer/sell the house to myself. Have to return to states to get the books,so haven't seen a lawyer yet. Just wondering if anyone knew for sure
  27. The letter has to state that the pension is payable for life. It must be notarized and apostilled. If the pension is from a private company, it is up to Migración whether or not they will accept it. The pension does not need to be deposited into a Costa Rican bank, although you no longer have to be a resident to open a bank account. That was changed in the middle of last year. You must submit a copy of your entire passport with your application.
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