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  3. Contact the Canadian Club. I think I've seen an ad recently in their newsletter for an accountant. You should be able to get the CC's contact info from ARCR. OK — HTH Paul M. ==
  4. Seeking professional help with filing tax returns to Revenue Canada that need to go back many years. Pls email me at CostaRicaBound@hotmail.com Thank you.
  5. Nasty downtime followed by a nasty. complex upgrade, but seems to be only. Lots of changes so I am looking for any feedback. Something not working? Report it. 'll try to fix it. TG
  6. you can check properties in Heredia at Costa Rica Real Estate Sausko
  7. As you may have noticed... we were offline. Thw reasons are complex , but after six hours on the holiday, it’s up again. still not done, but I’ll be back on the 5th and 6th to finish. happy 4th! TG
  8. All my pool needs are met by a place just outside Naranjo called Bombaci. I believe they have (or can order) tile for you.
  9. Thanks for your reply . We did that and have spoken to them that came up. Most are not even in business anymore. I was just hoping someone on the forum would have a personal recommendation rather than blind internet searches.
  10. If you google "pool tile in Costa Rica", you'll get a number of hits from pool suppliers (and maybe builders). One of them is likely to have what you need.
  11. Hello! We are searching for a supplier for pool tile for our residential pool. I'm not searching for pool builders (we've already built it).... just need some pool tile. TIA!
  12. Hello Paul,

    Sorry for bugging but you are the real expert to ask.

    I arrived to Alajuela outskirts today and the place I have rented via airbnb is depressing. Dirty, no hot water, etc.

    Maybe you know some acceptable place for rent in Alajuela or would advise a good way to search.  

    Thanks, Igor

  13. Have you had any luck getting your migraine meds, Gail?
  14. My lawyer recently advised me that if I buy a property in Costa Rica and the seller neglects to pay the capital gains tax that it can be applied to me. Is this true? It makes no sense but I've lived here long enough to know the laws don't always make sense.
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